Friday, February 10, 2012

Product Reviews

Hi all, Happy Friday!!  The weekend is just minutes away!  Yay!  :)  I'm back to guest blog again.  Heads'll be "seeing" a lot more of me on a regular basis.  :)  For this post, I just wanted to share a couple products I’m loving right now and one I'm not such a fan of...
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat  
I got mine at Target (also you can get it at CVS or Sally's Beauty Supply- $7.99).  Totally love this!  I feel like my nails are really protected and my nail color does last a couple days longer than usual.
NARS Lip gloss in Turkish Delight  $24 at Sephora
Very pretty!!  Sephora describes this gloss as a “pink sorbet” .  I would say it is a “milky pink”.   For those who don’t like sticky glosses, this is one to try out.  The price isn’t cheap, but it does stay on better/longer.  It is more opaque than some glosses, so if you are looking for a traditional sheer gloss, this isn't for you.  It softens whatever lipstick you apply it over or looks nice and natural by itself.
Essie White Bright Nail Pen  $7-12 at Target, Ulta
I tried this product out a couple different times (on my bare nails) and both times applied more coats (after an hour or the next morning if applied at night).  It was such a disappointment!  It did absolutely nothing for my nails.  I've seen other reviews of this online and all I've seen is poor reviews.  Guess I'm not the only one!  I love the Essie polishes, but I'd say "pass" on this nail pen.
Always B.Loved, Cara  :) 

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