Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Bliss

Blog Bliss
For this entry, I wanted to share some blogs that I read pretty regularly.  I find their info super helpful and each one directs me towards or away from products that I’m considering (or didn’t know I needed!).   They are all different, so hopefully you find one you’ll love to follow!  J   ~Cara
This blogger (Tiffany) is super down to earth in her vids.  She makes you feel like she’s your bff telling you giving advice.  She not only discusses products she loves but the ones she’s tried and hated, too (so we don’t make the same mistakes/waste money!).  She does Manicure Monday every week, so if you’re really into polish, this one is for you!
This blog is not just beauty related stuff but fashion, news, and travel info, too.  It has been one of my faves for a long time   I feel like I know about products/beauty news/events before I would otherwise because of Lilliana.  P.S. She’s been featured on the Nate Berkus Show several times and is currently partnering with Tyra Banks on Tyra’s new style website.
This is a new one I’ve come across… I love that her posts are for all ages (not just the young!).  J  Amber & her Guest Product Evaluation Team review and swatch both higher end and drugstore beauty products.
This is also a new one for me.  Carissa has a very thorough blog style.  She goes into a lot of detail (which I LOVE!) and I totally dig the way her site is organized.  I have spent a lot of time on here researching products I’m interested in and learning new information.  I always find that it helps to get different perspectives before deciding on a product.

Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Spring Trends!!

 Hi everyone! This is Nikki, Fashion Consultant for B. Loved. Stylists and today I'm blogging about 2012 Spring trends!

Get ready for a mix of styles this spring!  New York fashion week runways were covered in an array of colors, patterns and shapes.  From bright neon, and pretty pastels to highly-saturated floral patterns, out of Africa prints, bold color blocking, and peplums. There is definitely no worry of getting bored this Spring. :)  I even love how the roaring 20’s era is making an appearance with dropped waistlines, flapper style dresses and plenty of sequins!  Accessories are not to go unnoticed either with metallic heels and lots of blue and green jewelry. 

Take a look at some of the great spring fashions and don’t forget to think outside the box every once in awhile.  Fashion is about expressing yourself and taking a few risks.  




Friday, February 10, 2012

Product Reviews

Hi all, Happy Friday!!  The weekend is just minutes away!  Yay!  :)  I'm back to guest blog again.  Heads'll be "seeing" a lot more of me on a regular basis.  :)  For this post, I just wanted to share a couple products I’m loving right now and one I'm not such a fan of...
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat  
I got mine at Target (also you can get it at CVS or Sally's Beauty Supply- $7.99).  Totally love this!  I feel like my nails are really protected and my nail color does last a couple days longer than usual.
NARS Lip gloss in Turkish Delight  $24 at Sephora
Very pretty!!  Sephora describes this gloss as a “pink sorbet” .  I would say it is a “milky pink”.   For those who don’t like sticky glosses, this is one to try out.  The price isn’t cheap, but it does stay on better/longer.  It is more opaque than some glosses, so if you are looking for a traditional sheer gloss, this isn't for you.  It softens whatever lipstick you apply it over or looks nice and natural by itself.
Essie White Bright Nail Pen  $7-12 at Target, Ulta
I tried this product out a couple different times (on my bare nails) and both times applied more coats (after an hour or the next morning if applied at night).  It was such a disappointment!  It did absolutely nothing for my nails.  I've seen other reviews of this online and all I've seen is poor reviews.  Guess I'm not the only one!  I love the Essie polishes, but I'd say "pass" on this nail pen.
Always B.Loved, Cara  :) 

Monday, January 30, 2012

BRIDAL BASH!!!-Behind Every Bride Show - Embassy Suites

BRIDAL BASH!!! This was the first year for the bash and let's just say Behind Every Bride puts on an amazing show... to say the least. It was a 2 day show full of bridal bash fun! Cloud Nine and DJ4U with a little help from B. Loved put on four FABULOUS fashion shows. We did both the hair and makeup on the models who wore both bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns from Cloud Nine. We spent the weekend swooning over the stunning gowns. They are truly breath taking...a bridal dream. Two of the models were actually our future brides, so we were extra excited to get them ready! The models were ROCK STARS!! We had so much fun with you girls!! There were tons of quick changes and very little time to get in and out of the dresses they had on!! What was going on behind the scenes was nothing short of amazing!! There were tons of local vendors ranging from photographers, hotels, florists, cake specialists, etc. Something new on the bridal scene is a memory lounge from ZNeff productions. If you haven't heard about this, check it out, its a must! Zach made us promise to get in and try it WE DID!! Its a blast!! Check it out at We had our own booth where we had the opportunity to meet with future brides about their hair and makeup plans for their big day!! It was an exciting weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out..We can't wait to hear from you!!!So on to the goods here are a few pictures from the show by Deidre Lynn Photography!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

2011 has been quite the year...Not only have there been many changes in our personal lives as I know is true for many of you but Brittany and I have been extremly blessed to find our niche in starting B.Loved.  So I wanted to do a small recap and also talk a little about some exciting things to come!!! For Brittany and I this last year has been quite the whirlwind. For those of you who don't know it, get ready for a little B.Loved history( its pretty short don't worry). B.Loved started around February of last year with a phone call from me to Britt and it went something like "hey, do you want to start a business together doing hair and makeup?" She said yes and we went from there. B.Loved quickly went from a few fun side jobs to a full on legit business. We made it totally offical and in October we were B.Loved Stylists LLC. In this last year we have done some pretty amazing stuff. From a commercial with Cloud Nine, getting the realtor ready for House Hunters on HGTV, weddings every weekend, training  in Chicago, photoshoots with both new brial boutiques in the Peoria area, Cloud Nine Bridal and Adore Bridal. We have been beyond blessed with all of the opportunities we have had in the last year and how quickly our business has grown. We have met and worked with some pretty amazing people as well. 2012 brings a full year fun and excitment as B.Loved grows. We are already filling up with around 40 or so weddings already on the books. We are also looking forward to offering some pretty new and amazing skin care products as well. B.Loved is growing by leaps an bounds and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and our skills with all of you. Brittany and I are soo thankful for this last year and we are anxiously awaiting the start of the New Year...Who knows what's in store?? The SKY is the limit..RIGHT?? So to bring us into twenty twelve here are some pics of this last years events!! Oh and Remember as we start this New Year..ALWAYS.B.LOVED!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Beauty School

Greetings from B.Loved’s first guest blogger!!  Today’s post is written by one of Brittany & Kortnie’s assistants… Cara Getz.  Just a little change-up to keep you all on your toes and get a different perspective on our latest journey in the wonderful world of make-up.  J  Recently, our team (Britt, Kort, Cara & Nikki Hoerr) attended a workshop in Chi-town taught by the ever-talented Brian Sutherby of MUSE BEAUTY.  MUSE is B.Loved’s go-to for education, inspiration and products.  Our two intense days of training will prove invaluable to us as we seek to hone our skills for our clients.  We truly believe that our techniques will “kick it up a notch” and make you look even more amazing (especially in your pictures and videos) because of the dimension and definition we can provide.  Are you intrigued??  We hope so!  Pass the word people…  B.Loved is bringing their “A” game!!
P.S.  Stay tuned for product recommendations... we have some stellar new finds for you!