Friday, November 18, 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Ok ladies its time for Friday's favorite things!!! Last week we missed because it was our best friends wedding and we were a bit busy! This week we are back and full force. This week we have two amazing products. But guess what.. the Cloud 9 commercial is up!!! Let me just say I probably watch it 3 times a day just because I love seeing it!! It is pretty amazing!!! This should come as no surprise since I could live at Cloud 9 its exactly what you would envision when you want to see your perfect wedding dress! The blue walls against all those ivory and white dresses with those crystal chandeliers glistening in the light..ahh!!! HEAVEN! Also the model in the commercial Jen is one of our future brides and she is the absolute sweetest girl ever!! AND GORGEOUS!!!I know I am gushing just a bit but I can't help myself. So we will definitely put up the link to it just in case you missed it! Oh and before I forget we would love to know if you follow our blog so click on the follow link on the side of the page:) Ok now on to the goods:)

Here is the link:

Kort's favs- Customizable foundation. Not only is this the foundation we use on our brides in our airbrush we also use it everyday!!! I personally looove to use it as a tinted moisturizer. I mix my Embryolisse moisturizer which we could also do a whole post on and my foundation for a perfect light tinted moisturizer for everyday!!! This stuff is the perfect addition to your everyday makeup it will make you skin glow and look fab:) You can get this foundation through B.Loved and it is completely customized to your skin tone!! It is also paraben, alcohol, and fragrance free. It couldn't get much better. If you are interested in the moisturizer or the foundation email us at

Britt's Fav- Tan Towels!!!! Ok These are the most amazing must have for the winter months! You can use them on both your face and your body!! We know you all want to at least have a little color and these bad boys will do just the trick. There is no streaking or orange skin just a perfect tan glow. Can we say IN LOVE!!! Contact B.Loved for more info:)

Happy Friday Everyone!! Always. B.Loved!!

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