Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Things B.Loved

Oh.. where to start?? So much is happening with B.Loved right now its hard to know where to begin. We have been very busy this fall to say the least. We have been booked every weekend with multiple weddings, we did our first bridal show and we just did another photo shoot last weekend with Deidre Lynn  Photography. I must say this Deidre is one of our dearest friends and has been more than kind to us from the moment we started B.Loved. She does all of our shoots with us and they are always beyond words. Just to share a story about Deidre from years past in 6th grade we were all assigned to make an Egyptian project most kids brought in the typical pyramid...not Deidre she had made a mask of King Tut...and let me tell you it was no ordinary mask it was brilliant. Even then as a 6th grade little girl she was insanely talented!!! We tell you that just to say some people are just born to do what they do and Deidre is one of those people her art and creativity shine through her work and we couldn't be more impressed by her. Thanks Deidre. Hopefully as we get more organized over here we will be able to add some of the beautiful brides we have had the privilege to work with. Hope you enjoy some of the pics from our shoot!!! Always. B.Loved

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